Greetings from Inneractive Healing Systems,

We hope you are settling into winter and the holiday season.

We want to update you on the launch of our training, The Art of Muscle Testing, and our plans for 2016. We are excited to have received wonderful feedback from the NTPs who attended our first two trainings this fall.  Both incredible groups of NTPs have shared positive comments and stories as they integrate their new skills into their practices. Please take a look at our testimonial page to see what IHS practitioners are saying about this training.

Our next training is set for January 21-24 in Seattle, Washington.  We have a few more spaces available in the training and we have extended the pre-registration deadline to December 24th!!  So, if you want to join us at the discounted rate of $695, let us know, as the training is fast approaching. 
We would love to have you there!

Please note that this is the last time we will be offering the training at this rate, so join us now.

We are currently in the process of solidifying more trainings in 2016.  Stay tuned for The Art of Muscle Testing trainings in the California Bay Area in the spring and for additional Seattle dates in the fall. Check our website for updates.

If we won't be seeing you in January, you can find us at the 9th Annual NTA Conference March 18-20.  Come visit us at the Inneractive Healing Systems vender booth.  We will have several demonstrations of the IHS muscle testing techniques as well as information about the upcoming trainings.  Also, NTA and IHS Lead Instructor, John Tjenos, will be giving a presentation at the conference on how to effectively and practically use the Functional Evaluation for clinical assessment.  John is a seasoned practitioner and an expert at clinical assessment and this is not to be missed!

As a holiday gift from Inneractive Healing Systems, we have included a special document for you: Diet vs. Nutrition.

We all believe in the value and healing potential of Nutritional Therapy. Part of our mission at IHS is to keep this enthusiasm alive and to teach the importance of bio-individuality and clinical assessment.  When working with clients and their physiological systems, it becomes very apparent that a myriad of systems and organs need support in order for nutrition and diet to work.  This is the argument for anyone suggesting that the story ends with "food is medicine."

Once, at our booth at the Weston A. Price conference, we did free sessions for attendees.  We had the remarkable experience of discovering, through our clinical assessment techniques, that of the 50 people we assessed, 47 of these wise-to-health people had inflamed guts. These are the people with the best diets out there!

In his 20 trainings as a Lead NTA Instructor, John has also observed a similar percentage of inflamed guts, or other health issues, among his many students. Again, aren't we as NTPs healthy and aware? What is happening?

Please read the special document to learn about Diet vs. Nutrition. Use this information in your practices and share it with your clients as you explain the importance of clinical assessment and bio-individuality.

We look forward to assisting you in learning more about how nutrition goes beyond just what we eat, and how we can learn more about our clients by supporting their Foundational systems and discovering the issues underlying their health concerns.

Looking forward to seeing you in the fast-approaching New Year.


~John Tjenos and Alia Swersky
IHS Founders and Instructors

Click below to download a PDF of the "Diet vs. Nutrition" document.