Inneractive Healing Systems offers courses and trainings to support all health practitioners who believe in the efficacy and healing potential of accessing the body’s intelligence through the physical exam. 

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​​​About the Instructors 

Muscle testing changed the course of John Tjenos’s life. Five years before he began his 25-year health care practice, he learned Touch for Health from its creator, John Thie. It was a key component of his healing from serious injuries. He went on to become a Touch For Health instructor, and the path towards becoming a health care practitioner began. John is a Nutritional Therapy Practitioner (NTP) and Lead Nutritional Therapy Instructor. His extensive bodywork and nutrition background led him to create a highly effective system for teaching practitioners how to develop the art of muscle testing. His teachers and his training include the Functional Evaluation, Autonomic Response Testing, Visceral Manipulation, Functional Neurology and, at the center of it all, Aston Patterning. John’s practice, Foundational Health Solutions, is in Seattle. 

Alia has immersed herself in body awareness practices throughout her entire life. A dancer and movement artist, Alia has been on faculty at Cornish College of the Arts in Seattle since 2005. After graduating as a nutritional therapist in 2010, Alia has been an assistant teacher for the Nutritional Therapy Association and is an associate in practice with John Tjenos at Foundational Health Solutions. Her life passion as a dancer and movement artist and her 15 years of teaching yoga deeply influence her work as a nutritional therapist. Alia collaborated with John to develop The Art of Muscle Testing.