​Body Mechanics

Muscle testing is a biofeedback physical exam, which uses changes in muscle tone to indicate physiological, anatomical, and emotional stress. 

Muscle testing is an interaction between the practitioner and the client, and the clarity of the test is primarily determined by the body mechanics of the practitioner. 

A dynamic and complex process, the art of muscle testing depends on how the practitioner uses alignment, movement, and touch. The principles taught in this training are derived from Aston Patterning and the instructors’ backgrounds in somatics, movement, and yoga. 

Through these body awareness practices, practitioners will foster the physical mechanics and neuromuscular patterns that are needed to conduct a clear and accurate muscle test.


How to Bring the Body into Balance

We use the Nutritional Therapy Association’s paradigm that the foundational homeostatic systems are the body’s primary factors in regulating health. The Art of Muscle Testing takes the perspective that the role of practitioners is to balance those foundational systems to restore the function of the body. 

When testing a client, practitioners should ask the essential question, “What foundations are dysfunctional and therefore impeding the innate intelligence of the body?” In this training, practitioners will learn to prioritize which foundational systems (digestion, blood sugar regulation, mineral balance, hydration, fatty acids, diet, etc.) are out of balance in order to effectively
support those systems. 

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Advanced Training in Nutritional Clinical Assessment

Learn advanced clinical skills in muscle testing and palpation techniques in this hands-on course for health care practitioners. You will become more accurate in assessing your clients and more proficient in creating nutritional therapy protocols.

Do you want to significantly expand your assessment skills in your nutritional therapy practice? John and Alia look forward to sharing The Art of Muscle Testing with you! Please contact us by email at

DateSeptember 22-25, 2017

Location:Seattle, WA
This course runs Friday through Monday 9am-6pm​

Date: October 26-29, 2017

Location:Austin, TX

This course runs Thursday through Sunday 9am-6pm​

Price: $850 ($795 if you pre-register)

Total Course Hours: 36


Accelerate Your Information-Gathering

Sequence determines results. Every nutritional session should focus on the question, “In what order should I address the client’s issues, foundational systems, and other body systems?” 

With this training, practitioners gain the

insight needed to:

  • Learn how to effectively prioritize by foundation, physiological systems, and individual organs.
  • Identify how one organ is affecting another organ in digestion, blood sugar regulation, or the endocrine system.
  • Gain proficiency in creating a bio-individualistic, systematic approach for each client.


Making Knowledge Functional

Practitioners will develop and refine these skills to:

  • Perform clear, effective muscle testing.
  • Determine the appropriate support and supplementation through muscle testing.
  • Accurately assess dosage for supplemental support. 
  • Perform safe palpations for assessment, including the Chapman Reflexes and organs. 
  • Connect physiological processes to the application of clinical assessment techniques.
  • Proficiently assess digestion, the organs of digestion (the north to south process), and blood sugar regulation, and to prioritize the organs when balancing blood sugar. 
  • Determine the appropriate protocol when working with “leaky gut,” food sensitivities, detoxification, and immune issues.
  • Enhance the function of stressed organs with the use of flower essences and essential oils.