"Hi all! Many of you may know me from Empowered Sustenance.  I wanted to share a quick review of the Inneractive Healing Systems class these last four days. I was waiting to take this course before I opened my practice, and now feel confident that I can give any client a comprehensive picture of their health from a foundational perspective, and create a protocol based on exactly what their body is asking for. Because of this class, I’m excited and motivated to start my practice!

IHS provides a framework for beginning-to-end sessions, covering everything from muscle testing to find organ dysfunction to dosing supplements. John and Alia really focus on the body mechanics of muscle testing, which is the most crucial aspect to getting an accurate test. They give a ton of individualized support during the training. We also left the class with an incredibly comprehensive course manual, a supplement manual, intake forms and a laminated flow chart. Thank you John and Alia for this life-changing learning experience!"

~Lauren Geertsen

"Profound and amazing weekend thanks to John Tjenos and Alia Swersky's Inneractive Healing Systems (IHS) training program. IHS is a program that's teaches the language of our innate physiology that goes far beyond the conventional approach to muscle testing or kinesiology.

Muscle testing is a biofeedback physical exam, which uses changes in muscle tone to indicate physiological, anatomical, and emotional stress.
It is interaction an between the practitioner and the client, and the clarity of the test is primarily determined by the body mechanics of the practitioner. With conventional muscle testing this is often the primary drawback to the tests sensitivity.

What differs with IHS is that this dynamic and complex process, the art of this testing depends on entirely on how the practitioner uses alignment, movement, and touch. The principles taught in this training are derived from Aston Patterning with backgrounds in somatics, movement, and yoga.
Through the practice of entire body usage and communication, practitioners will foster the physical mechanics and neuromuscular patterns that are needed to conduct a clear and accurate muscle test.

But there is so much more...as NTP's we are already experienced with the interaction with innate intelligence through the Functional Evaluation (FE). Although this is powerful tool that determines nutrient sufficiency and deficiency, IHS delves into this interaction by taking the FE to a whole new level.
By using the Nutritional Therapy Association’s paradigm that the foundational homeostatic systems are the body’s primary factors in regulating health. IHS takes the perspective that the role of practitioners is to balance those foundational systems completely to restore the function of the body.
When testing a client, practitioners should ask the essential question, “What foundations are dysfunctional and therefore impeding the innate intelligence of the body?” In this training, practitioners will learn to prioritize which foundational systems (digestion, blood sugar regulation, mineral balance, hydration, fatty acids, diet, etc.) are out of balance in order to effectively support those systems.

The IHS program combines these philosophies into a methodology of Integrative and Inneractive Muscle Testing where sequencing entirely determines the results. Every nutritional session should focus on the question, “In what order should I address the client’s issues, foundational systems, and other body systems?”
Learning to effectively prioritize by foundation, physiological systems, and individual organs, Identifying how one organ is affecting another organ in digestion, blood sugar regulation, or the endocrine system is the entire philosophy of their program.

The result is a completely bio-individualistic, systematic approach for each client which supports that client uniquely in addressing factors such as leaky gut,” food sensitivities, detoxification, and immune issues, honoring the foundational approach of addressing the "north to south" process of the digestive cascade.
Learning this skill will become a profound tool in my practice and I highly recommend that every NTP and any practitioner who incorporates a functional approach to their practice, should consider this program as fundamental "next level" Advanced Training to take their practice to a whole new level of client wellness.
Thank you John and Alia for your amazing commitment to the detail and depth of this program. I am proud to now call myself one of twenty foundational IHS Practitioners. My only question is when will you bring your fabulous program to Australia?"
~Leanne Scott

"John and Alia up the ante when it comes to muscle testing AND using the FE that many of us have learned. Many people choose not to do muscle testing or have an aversion to it because they either can't get clear results with it or have had a bad experience in the past. If you take this training I seriously doubt that you'll have the same opinion and you will develop the skillset.

John explains the physiology of WHY it works, which many people don't truly understand. The accuracy that flows from the rhythm and technique that they teach helps you as a practitioner to have the most accurate information possible. Their system builds in multiple layers that check your findings using various muscle tests from the best systems in the world, the FE, and gathered information from intake forms and interviewing questions. I have no reservations saying that this training is a game changer for the functional medicine/nutrition world. John and Alia will be in the history books because of this class.

It is fast paced and very advanced. You will need to brush up on your FE skills if you haven't been practicing them. Experienced NTPs will have an advantage because of the high level of discussion in class concerning case studies on one another. New NTPs will have a different advantage because of the freshness of the FE and the foundations.
I took ART 1,2, and 3 with the Klinghardt Academy. It was wonderful and I learned an incredible amount of information that helped me to take my practice to a whole new level. The IHS training is what will help me sustain the transformation in the lives of my clients one session at a time. They exceeded my expectations. I actually feel that it is more advanced and more functional/getting at the root of the problems than anything else out there.

We are so lucky to have this. They don't realize what they have done and I can't imagine the price will stay this low for very long. It's just an unbelievable value."
~Brian Hoyer

I third this endorsement and all that Lauren, Brian and Leanne have said. I have returned home from this training a transformed and powerful practitioner. I am more excited than ever to take these skills into my practice. This IS a game changer for me. The IHS program is by far the most significant training I've taken since graduating from NTA. I know I can now confidently support my clients in getting the results they desire. This work is blazing a trail and creating powerful healing in this world. You couldn't do better than to join the upcoming January session of this class. IT. IS. GOLD.
~Kariman Pierce

"I had been looking forward to The Art of Muscle Testing for months as I had been planning on using the muscle tests to improve my process within my practice. What I didn’t expect was how in depth the program was, and how much more there was to it than just muscle testing. What I learned from the course will completely revolutionize my practice in ways I never expected.

I love the progression Alia and John took us through, starting with how to refine our touch, and ending with full processes for Digestion and Blood Sugar Regulation. Having it broken down step by step to refine each segment, then taking us through a complete sequence is what really brought the program together.
If you are looking for a program to improve your practice, I don't think you can find a better way to communicate with someone's body than this program. I have gone to a lot of seminars for my practice and none of them compare to how this program teaches progression to help clients."
~Bryan Carroll

"Finally getting a moment to sit down and express my deep gratitude for the incredible Inneractive Healing Systems training this weekend by John Tjenos and Alia Elizabeth Swersky. (The Art of Muscle Testing) I'm sure I'm not alone when I say that I feel this information is such a gift and will be utterly transforming to the way I work with clients. John and Alia have clearly put so much thought into teaching this work and I am inspired and thrilled to have been able to learn from them. Amazing! I can't recommend this highly enough. If you want to build upon your NTP FE skills and take your session work to the next level and beyond, take this training."

~Andrea Walker

"Having worked in John Tjenos' and Alia Elizabeth Swersky's practice for a bit it was so beautiful to see the systems they use in session come together so cohesively and comprehensively.
The introduction of the course manual discusses how muscle testing enhances our vision of life and our connection to the innate wisdom of the body, and I could not agree more. This course is powerful on so many levels. From the skills to assess a clients digestive and blood sugar system, to learning about our own bodies alignment and the importance in our testing. I'm so grateful to have learned this powerful skill of communicating with the body.
It's an exhilarating and value packed weekend that I highly suggest you invest in, for yourself and your practice."

~Tera Bucasas

"Upon graduating from the NTP program, I found myself in a place of being so excited to share the information that I had learned, while also feeling like the functional evaluation was not streamlined enough to use with clients on a daily basis. With Inneractive Healing Systems, John and Alia have created the link that was missing for me. Their integrative approach to muscle testing combines key elements of the functional evaluation with applied kineseology, resulting in a comprehensive and clear understanding of the body being evaluated. With the sequencing they have provided for testing, I feel like this is something I can start using with clients right away and I feel much more confident in my assessments than when I just used the functional evaluation. I am so grateful for this training that perfectly compliments the NTA course, as I truly feel it will open up my practice in a whole new way. Thank you John and Alia!"

~Devyn Elliott

"I am so grateful for the training I was able to participate in this weekend! I truly can not say enough about the system that is so focused on a clients bio individuality, listening to the bodies innate intelligence, and a way to bring the body into balance. Thank you John and Alia for all the energy and time the two of you put into this course. Thank you to all my classmates who came so eager to learn and open to new ideas (I love this tribe). If you are an NTP I can not recommend this class highly enough."

~Lori McDonough